Poor cybersecurity rating by critical national info organisations worrisome

SECURITYSCORECARD, the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, and LinkAxia, which is a leading cybersecurity software distributor in Malaysia and Brunei, have unveiled that while 56 of 150 Malaysian organisations scored an ‘A’ rating of their organisational risk, another 79 ranked ‘C or below’ over a three month period from January to March 2022.

Both firms have assessed the ratings of the 150 organisations made up of critical national information organisations, government agencies, and communication, multimedia and telecommunications providers throughout the region to gain insight into the regions’ collective cyber risk awareness and readiness.

The SecurityScorecard and LinkAxia report showed that while 38% or government organisations scored an ‘A’ rating, only 26% of critical national information infrastructure organisations scored an ‘A’ rating. Moreover, a mere 10% of multimedia and communications organisations in the region scored an ‘A’”

“SecurityScorecard and LinkAxia are raising awareness of the need for continuous monitoring of organisations’ third party and fourth party software ecosystems,” said SecurityScorecard president (international sales) Matthew McKenna.

“The global threat landscape has evolved and demands that organisations do more to protect their businesses and their entire supply chain while meeting more rigorous government regulations.”

SecurityScorecard provides industry leading security ratings, automated assessments, and comprehensive third party risk management to help businesses understand vulnerabilities and improve cybersecurity postures.

“The ‘A’ rating demonstrates that these organisations are achieving world class security hygiene in upkeeping a strong and healthy posture,” McKenna pointed out. “What is most promising is that over that past 30 days, 43% of organisations surveyed have improved their security postures.”

Through a proprietary ratings system, including easy-to-understand ‘A-F’ graded scorecards, SecurityScorecard and its team of industry experts provide organisations with deep analysis of cyber threat intelligence and comprehensive monitoring as well as assessment tools to manage third party risk, thus ensuring compliance reporting is accurate while fostering more informed decisions.

Baharudin Mamat

“As some of these organisations are offering the critical necessities and basic needs to the people, it is important to ensure that their security posture is maintained at the highest level constantly, according to LinkAxia’s director of government & telecommunication Baharudin Mamat.

“SecurityScorecard objectively monitors the security hygiene of organisations and gauges whether their security posture is improving or deteriorating over time. The results show many Malaysian organisations are vulnerable to severe cyberattacks,” he revealed.

“It is time for these organisations to start prioritising cybersecurity before it is too late. As part of the mission, we plan to share these findings with the respective organisations so that they can take the necessary action to improve their security rating quickly.”

The study is based on a weighted average of 10 Factor Scores, namely network security, DNS health, patching cadence, endpoint security, IP reputation, application security, cubit score, hacker chatter, information leak and social engineering. – May 23, 2022

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