“Positions of Indian leaders in Penang state gov’t are untenable”

A FORMER DAP grassroots leader has hit out at the Penang state government for being unable to prevent the victimisation of Indian employees in the state government despite the presence of two so-called Indian EXCOS, namely Deputy Chief Minister II Jagdeep Singh (main pic) and Perai state assemblyman Datuk Seri S. Sundarajoo Somu (main pic, inset).

In fact, the two Indian employees who were terminated from the Penang TechDome comes under the chairmanship of Jagdeep, according to David Marshel who served 10 terms as a councillor in the Seberang Prai City Council on the mainland.

“I am not sure whether despite Jagdeep’s bravado of being the representative of all races, he has stopped the victimisation of Indian employees in the state,” wondered Marshel, pointing out that both employees were recruited during the tenure of Jagdeep’s predecessor Prof Ramasamy Palanisamy.

“What were their crimes? For being recruited when Ramasamy was the former chairman of TechDome? The present TechDome CEO (Khoo Boo Wooi) was recruited under Ramasamy’s responsibility. How come he is being tolerated but not the Indian employees?”

Again, Marshel who is now a member of the recently formed Urimai (United Rights of Malaysian Party) interim council in which Ramasamy is the chairman, also queried the termination of four or five Indian Penang Hindu Endowments Board (PHEB) employees who were terminated on the grounds that there were contract employees.

“However, the real reason seems to be that they were recruited when Ramasamy was the PHEB chairman for 13 years,” claimed Marshel who was with DAP for 15 years prior to his leaving the party to contest as an independent candidate for the Perai state constituency to take on Sundarajoo during the Aug 12 six state elections last year.

“Not only this, all the Indian commissioners of the PHEB were removed except (Jelutong MP) R.S.N. Rayer who became the chairman.”

David Marshel (far left) during a Urimai event in Sitiawan, Perak over the weekend (Jan 6). Also present are Prof Ramasamy Palanisamy (second from right) and S. Satees (far right).

Recently, former Bagan Dalam state assemblyman S. Satees has called for the immediate resignation of Rayer for not understanding the legal and constitutional framework under which the PHEB functions.

“For not protecting the employees of the PHEB, Rayer’s chairmanship of the Hindu Board is untenable,” insisted Satees who together with Marshel left DAP on July 29 prior to the six state polls.

Likewise, Marshel has also called for the voluntarily resignation of both Jagdeep and Sunderajoo who is also the housing and environment state committee chairman given their continued presence in the state government has become untenable after failing to do anything to stop the victimisation of those Indian employees despite “beating their chests of being Indian state leaders”.

“Apart from sinking in the present water crisis, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow seems powerless to stop the victimisation of Indian state employees,” lamented Marshel.

“More than this, there are indications that Indian employees in the Penang Water Corporation (PBA), too, are under constant attacks from the sycophants of certain political leaders in the state.”

He added: “During the tenure of Ramasamy, hundreds including Malays, Chinese and Indians were recruited for the state agencies. How come only Indians are being targeted for removal?” – Jan 8, 2024

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