“Prioritise consumer input in draft regulation of vape products,” MOH told

THE Malaysian Consumer Choice Centre (CCC) has called on the Health Ministry to prioritise consumer input in the forthcoming draft regulation of vape products, saying it is important for the government to incorporate consumers’ perspective and needs in shaping policies that impact their lives.

CCC, represented by Tarmizi Anuwar said the Health Ministry’s (MOH) proposed regulation of vape products is a critical step towards ensuring consumer safety but the voice of consumers must not be overlooked in this process.

“Consumer choice should be at the forefront of regulatory decisions concerning vape products. It is crucial for the Ministry to publish a draft regulation and allocate a reasonable timeline, such as four weeks, for consumers to review and respond,” Tarmizi, who is the Malaysia Country Associate at CCC, stressed.

“Engaging with consumers in this process is paramount as it ensures that regulations are not only effective but also reflective of the diverse needs and preferences of the Malaysian public.

“In this case, an analysis should be made that reflects whether the measure is in the best interest of consumers or otherwise.”

Tarmizi said by actively involving consumers, policymakers can foster a sense of ownership and transparency, ultimately leading to a regulatory framework that strikes the right balance between public health and consumer choice.”

By actively engaging consumers in the regulatory process, policymakers can further foster a more inclusive and effective framework that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

In addition, the CCC also expressed concern about rumors that the government has imposed a ban on displaying vape products in grocery shops.

Tarmizi Anuwar

“Such restrictions will greatly hinder smokers’ access to important information and hinder their ability to make informed decisions about vape products,” Tarmizi opined.

“Displaying vape products openly in stores is important for transparency and empowering consumers to evaluate their options with clarity and accuracy.”

He said by allowing vape products to be displayed, consumers can assess product features, compare prices and make educated choices based on their individual preferences and needs.

“Restricting access to this information would not only limit consumer autonomy but also undermine efforts to promote harm reduction strategies among smokers,” he added.

CCC further asserted that instead of imposing bans, policymakers should focus on implementing measures that enhance consumer awareness and safety, such as stringent age verification protocols and consumer education about harm reduction.

“By prioritising consumer choice and engagement, policymakers can develop regulations that foster a responsible vaping culture while safeguarding public health,” Tarmizi noted. – April 16, 2024


Main pic credit: Kosmo Digital

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