Project PPE: Reskilling inmates, helping frontliners battle COVID-19

In an effort to supply personal protection equipment (PPE) to frontliners, Ekuiti Nasional Bhd (Ekuinas) is collaborating with the Prisons Department to train inmates and juvenile detainees to produce the items.

In a statement, Ekuinas said the Project PPE programme, under its ILTIZAM Community Project, involves inmates from the Jasin Prison, Sungai Udang Prison and juveniles from the Henry Gurney School.

“The project involves producing 1,000 PPEs such as disposable hoods, head caps, isolation coats and foot covers,” said Ekuinas Stakeholders’ Interest director Hizwani Hassan.

The project is facilitated by another organisation, Saora Industries.

He added that the programme is also aimed at helping inmates nearing their release date to reintegrate into society, upskill and improve their technical and interpersonal skills.

“It is also a response to the Government’s call to have more companies to support the Prisons Department and its rehabilitation programmes,” said Hizwani.

Touching on the matter, Malacca State Prison director Commissioner KU Nawawi Ku Hamid said he welcomed efforts by corporate companies like Ekuinas to help in transitioning inmates to become productive members of the society, once they are released.

“And projects such as Project PPE will enable these individuals to earn extra allowance. We look forward to continue collaborating with Ekuinas to provide necessary assistance to inmates and juveniles.

“We hope more organisations will step forward to lend a hand as well as wider societal support towards this often-overlooked segment of community,” he added.

Saora Industries said that they were honoured to collaborate with Ekuinas on the project to create a positive impact and chart a new beginning for inmates.

“When we started, it was tough getting partners on board to assist this neglected community of inmates and juveniles.

“We are grateful that Ekuinas was keen to support the project, which we hope will create a sustainable impact to these individuals,” said its chief executive officer Ganesh Muren. – Dec 22, 2020.

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