ProtectHealth: In-situ booster dose outreach programmes for companies, associations

PROTECTHEALTH Corporation Sdn Bhd has encouraged companies or associations that would like to arrange for booster dose vaccination for their employees or members to participate in the vaccination centre (PPV) Outreach Programme by sending a request to private medical practitioners (PMPs) and healthcare non-government organisations (NGOs) registered with ProtectHealth.

ProtectHealth is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProtectHealth Malaysia, established under the Health Ministry (MOH).

“This programme provides a more controlled and easier way for employees especially those working in factories [or are] immobile as this programme also provides for home vaccination as well,” ProtectHealth said in a statement.

“The application to open PPV Outreach would be submitted by the PMPs and the Healthcare NGOs.”

The PPV Outreach Programme which commenced in Nov 2021 have been conducted by PMPs and Healthcare NGOs to achieve wider accessibility and increase take-up rate for booster doses nationwide.

The PPV Outreach Programme replaces what was previously known as PPV Industri which was coordinated with relevant ministries such as the Public-Private Partnership COVID-19 Industry Immunisation Programme (PIKAS), Agrofood Industry Vaccination Programme (AiVAC) and Retail Industry Vaccination Programme (RiVAC).

The programme also replaced previous outreach programmes with Healthcare NGOs whose aim was to reach out to folks in rural areas.

“The Government will bear the cost of the vaccine, which are provided free of charge while ProtectHealth will pay the PMP and Healthcare NGO for each vaccination dose given,” ProtectHealth said.

The company also said that employers are not allowed to charge any fee for booster doses obtained under the PPV Outreach Programme and that they should further provide the appropriate venue and non-clinical infrastructure for the PMP and Healthcare NGOs to conduct the vaccination exercise.

As of Jan 9, 2022 ProtectHealth has successfully contributed 49.5% of the total vaccination throughout Malaysia, which is equivalent to 29,352,440 doses in the National COVID-19 Immunisation Program (PICK).

ProtectHealth has also contributed 72.1% of the total booster dose vaccinations throughout Malaysia which is equivalent to 5,627,951 doses in PICK-Booster. – Jan 10, 2022

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