Purchase Your Dream Home with X’tra Financing 2.0

WITH everyone facing trying times in the midst of the pandemic, HCK Group would like to put themselves in the shoes of property buyers, hence why they devised a plan to ease the burden of buyers via a limited time offer running from April 15 up to June 30.

Before getting into how X’tra Financing 2.0 (XF 2.0) will be reducing, if not eliminating, any financial strains faced by purchasers, here’s a look at the first version of XF, and how XF 2.0 is a significant step up.

With XF 1.0 launched in September 2019, the extra financing would cap off at below 20%, leaving purchasers to find the rest from other financial institutions. HCK Capital Group had managed to finance up to almost RM10 mil, which came up to 20% with the repayment being up to five years for XF 1.0.

Now with XF 2.0, buyers need only concern themselves with obtaining up to 70% from any financial institutions.

XF 2.0 comes in here to provide the remaining 30%. Purchasers do not have to pay this 30% loan instalment until they sell it off within the following five years*. This would greatly ease their financial burden as they have a prolonged duration to save up and eventually pay off the loan in their own time.

An investor would have lower interest rates with the 30% loan instalment, which in turn reduces his loan repayment. Likewise for the homebuyer, it would be favourable to him because he is able to wait and save before forking out money in instalments to pay at the end of the five-year duration.

This opens up opportunities to more Malaysians to own properties without worrying about high upfront costs that usually come with acquiring a property.

This campaign also targets homebuyers, particularly first or second-time buyers as it provides zero upfront payments, where they have the option to wait and save up their monies to pay at the end of the five years.

One can now gain big savings with this low monthly instalment, 100% profit earnings, low interest rate, and substantial property investment plan. For those who may face difficulties in committing to the plan due to any uncertainties that may pop up, XF 2.0 comes with an easy entry, easy exit option.

Unlike usual investments where you are advised to hold on to your properties for a long time before you can reap any benefits, this XF 2.0 initiative is very much the opposite. One of the key advantages of this campaign is that the earlier you sell it, the more you’ll gain.

HCK Capital Group’s participating developments in the XF 2.0 campaign include: edumetro Subang Jaya’s Colonial LoSo Suites; Edusentral Setia Alam’s Ambience LoSo Suites, Stanford Suites and Yale Suites; and edusphere Cyberjaya’s Covington Suites and Foster Suites.

As stated by HCK Capital’s Group managing director, Datuk Clifford Hii Toh Leong, who is the brain behind XF 2.0, “It is our responsibility towards the community to support them and give them the assistance they need in these difficult times.”

For more information about X’tra Financing 2.0, write to [email protected] or visit www.hckgroup.my/xf2/ – April 28, 2021

*Terms and conditions apply

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