Query if halal salted herbal chicken will appeal to Malay taste buds get netizens salivating

A BUDDING entrepreneur has decided to test market waters with an enquiry on the Entrepreneurs and Start Ups in Malaysia Facebook forum.

She asked if the traditional Chinese recipe for baked salted, herbal chicken would appeal to palettes of Malay diners.

Quite a few Malay netizens responded positively to her attempt to introduce a new item to entice Muslim customers.

One netizen suggested capitalising on Malaysian’s inherent love of ‘free food’, hence ensuring the necessary feedback.

There were quite a few helpful suggestions.

There were those who suggested that it be paired with other Malaysian faves.

Or to choose capitalise on the current cheese craze sweeping the market.

Some noted that there already exists Muslim-friendly stores in Ipoh selling this item.

Most were very encouraging believing that the halal market is ripe to be tapped. It just needs the right marketing strategy.

What do FocusM readers think? Will this budding entrepreneur’s idea take off? – Feb 20, 2024

Main pic credit: Jom, Ayam Garam Facebook

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