“Quit BN and join us,” Sanusi tells MCA, MIC

KEDAH PAS deputy commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Sanusi Md Nor has extended an invitation for MCA and MIC to quit Barisan Nasional (BN) and join the opposition, saying he is ready to offer them mixed seats for the forthcoming state polls.

The caretaker Kedah Menteri Besar said both BN component parties have chosen to skip the state polls due to “unfair treatment”, notably in the mixed seats held by Pakatan Harapan (PH).

Sanusi also did not rule out the prospect of MCA and MIC’s decision to skip the polls as a sign of protest against BN chairman Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

“When the two BN parties are working with PH, the ‘mixed seats’ will always be given to the ‘non-Malay parties’ in PH to contest, namely PKR and DAP.

“Thus, MCA and MIC will be left with no seats. Instead of being given seats that they will lose, they’d be better off quitting BN altogether. That would make more sense,” the incumbent Jeneri assemblyman said in an 82-minutes long special interview on TV PAS Facebook last night (June 6).

“So I think MCA and MIC should just leave BN. I believe MIC and MCA can contest the mixed seats as component members of PN.”

Sanusi also claimed that the two parties would have been treated differently if they were part of Perikatan Nasional (PN).

“PN would have given the parties ‘mixed seats’ to contest,” he added.

Perak PAS Commissioner Razman Zakaria had similarly invited MIC and MCA to join PN as both parties’ involvement in PN would pull at least 20% to 30% support from their respective races.

“If MCA and MIC feel they no longer represent Chinese and Indians, I recommend they meet with PN leaders to negotiate.

“We could create a political administration in our nation, creating harmony and avoiding tension among races,” he said in a video uploaded on his Facebook yesterday (June 6).

The Gunong Semanggol assemblyman even applauded MCA and MIC for their tenacity, saying they outperformed other parties in PH, adding that both parties did not practise extreme politics and could allow PN to rebuild a more peaceful nation.

“They are good, a race party that is not extreme to be together with us because we must hold the principle that Malaysia must be placed in the Muslim majority race.

“If its PH everyone knows they are controlled by DAP. They place the Malays at the front but these Malays make the decisions based on DAP’s agreement,” the Perak state opposition leader said.

On Wednesday (June 5), MCA secretary-general Datuk Chong Sin Woon and his MIC counterpart RT Rajasekaran said that the parties had decided to not participate in the state elections in the six states.

However, they said they still pledge their allegiance to BN and will instead focus their energy on the next general election.

Yesterday (June 6) Zahid denied the party was boycotting BN and said the two main component parties of the coalition must have their own reasons for doing so, and that BN’s top leadership will discuss both parties’ decision next Monday. – July 7, 2023


Main pic credit: Facebook/Muhammad Sanusi Md Noor

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