Quit the holier-than-thou approach, Bersatu leader told Rafizi

BERSATU information chief Datuk Razali Idris has accused Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli of adopting a holier-than-thou approach to divert attention from advancing the country’s economy.

“Rafizi is portraying himself as a noble, or angelic person – as if he’s always right. He makes it sound like he’s the only one who champions the Malay, Muslim, and bumiputera cause, and links the Malays with the Jana Wibawa funds,” he said in a statement today.

“I just want to ask whether the courts have decided on the Jana Wibawa case, and if yes, who has been convicted?”

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The Jana Wibawa programme initiated by the previous Perikatan Nasional administration, aimed to assist bumiputera contractors in securing work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the programme turned into a corruption scandal as allegations surfaced that the work was subcontracted to non-Malay companies. Notably, there have been no convictions in connection with the controversy.

Responding to Rafizi’s recent statement that the government would not exploit Malays for the benefit of a few, Razali questioned whether the courts had reached a verdict on the Jana Wibawa case and, if so, who had been convicted.

“I just want to answer them simply (that), God willing, we will not ride on the Malays so a few can steal Jana Wibawa’s money which, in the end, (the projects) were Ali Baba-ed to non-Malay companies,” Rafizi penned on his Facebook page in response to prodding from the opposition about the government’s bumiputera economic agenda.

Furthermore, Razali criticised Rafizi for prematurely linking opposition leaders to the Jana Wibawa scandal before any court decisions had been made.

“I urge Rafizi to behave like an Economy Minister rather than act like a minister of politics and propaganda.

“After a year in power, he (Rafizi) still maintains the old style of squabbling with the rakyat. No wonder the economy is going nowhere,” stated Razali, expressing his dissatisfaction with Rafizi’s leadership. – Dec 21, 2023


Main photo credit: Malaysiakini

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