Racist real estate agent gets the axe after client highlights his antics on social media

IN AN all-too-common grouse in the realm of real estate today, a potential tenant has vented his frustration against blatant racism.

It has been widely reported that many potential tenants especially of Indian descent face intolerable discrimination when searching for rented premises.

This was most definitely the case with X user Kalvin (@kalvinderks) who highlighted his unpleasant experience by posting on real estate agency IQI Global’s social media platform.

He shared his Whatsapp conversation with one of IQI Global’s employees where the agent openly declared that he did not like doing business with Indians or Punjabis.

Kalvin’s grouse has received tremendous support from netizens who say it is high time such racist attitudes are punished. Many lament the poor quality of real estate agents currently flooding the industry and suggest the authorities take redemptive action.

To the company’s credit, it has responded to Kalvin’s post which has attracted over 1 million views. It claims to have dispensed with the offender’s services.

There was also a formal apology from IQI Global. But many netizens were demanding for more action that would lead to better quality of service from real estate agents.

A lifetime ban would certainly send a clear message to all real estate professionals that such attitudes would not be tolerated.

It would also help weed out those with racist attitudes from further tarnishing an industry that is facing accusations of unprofessionalism and widespread discrimination.

This episode, however, is just yet another sorry example of how deep schisms have formed in Malaysian society with so-called professionals thinking it’s fine to openly display racist attitudes.

A very sad state of affairs indeed. – Jan 11, 2024

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