Rafizi’s post on the fall of Anwar’s government rumours draws hilarious responses online

A RUMOUR was circulating on Friday (Dec 22) that the opposition leaders were called to the Palace for a swearing-in ceremony that will culminate in the downfall of Prime Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and that of his government of course.

The message, posted in a Telegram group supposedly headed by an opposition cyber trooper and well-known anti-Anwar figure, said the event at the palace would take place at 3pm after the Friday (Dec 22) prayers.

On the X platform, the pro-Pakatan Haparan (PH) gangs were waiting for the 3pm mark before bursting into massive laughter, gags and jokes with memes online.

Then came a post by Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli who wrote in a very solemn manner:

(Casually trying to change the government didn’t seem serious from the start, just chatting on Telegram like that.

(Since 3 o’clock, I’ve been waiting to hand over to the new minister who’s supposed to take over 🤣

(So, didn’t happen, maybe?)

Rafizi’s response drew more than 500,000 views and many comments. Most of those commenting were sharing the joke that the opposition has once again failed in its attempt to dig a hole in the roof in Putrajaya.

Some came out with pictures of PAS leader Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang, helped by his aides, walking away from the PM offices in Putrajaya after failing to “tebuk atap”.

Another popular figure on X, @adzman86 posted a simple phrase: “They say be patient.” It was accompanied by a timeline photo of Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris who goes by the moniker Papagomo.

The photographs or memes explain themselves.

Meanwhile, netizen @Elise_JeTaime posted a screenshot of a pro-Perikatan Nasional supporter who apparently informed Rafizi of what he had to do once the government were to fall on Friday.

“This YB, they told you to tidy up the table and sit by exit door.”

The screenshot in the photo by Elise shows how much the opposition supporters were hoping that the government would fall on Friday.

It said: “We just want to see what will happen on Friday and see what (Anwar supporters) want to say when it has fallen). Just want to say, tidy the table, sit ready by the exit door of your office to see how ‘papanon’ – name given to Anwar by his opponents – falls.” – Dec 23, 2023


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