Rajiv: Ease vaccination registration process, allow to pick time/venue

THE registration and appointment process for COVID-19 vaccination should be improved as the current system is riddled with flaws.

“Right now, we can only register ‘interest’ for vaccination, without being told when and where the inoculation will take place.

“This will only add more burden to our overworked frontliners, who will be expected to call millions of Malaysians to inform of their appointment date, time and venue,” said Selangor state assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran in a statement.

He opined that the Health Ministry (MOH) can ease the process as the latter already has an appointment system to see a doctor or just to collect medicine at local and private clinics, via qmed.asia/booking.

“MOH already has the system and they should use this to aid the process. We can make it more efficient if the venues are known upfront, with the people having the right to choose date and time slots.

“The MySejahtera application, where most registrations are done, is a location-based app and is able to indicate the nearest available clinic/vaccination centre for the appointment could be made. This is also easily replicated in the online registration system via vaksincovid.gov.my,” Rajiv stated.

He lamented that the current process would only deter people from registering since a lot of the details are left out, coupled with the fact that they would be fined if they fail to attend the vaccination appointment.

“Rather than just registering interest, which is what’s happening now, let’s allow people to book their specific time and date slot.

“At least then, it would justify compounding them if they don’t show up for their appointment,” Rajiv added.

Encourage, not deter vaccination registration

With the registration rate among Malaysians seems to be low, at about 5.3 million only to date (22.1% of the population), Rajiv said the Government should make things easier for the public rather than deterring them.

“Threatening the public with punishments for failing to attend the vaccination appointment is serving more as a deterrent than encouragement to register, especially when under the Emergency Ordinance, these fines can go up to RM10,000.

“If the Government is really serious about achieving it’s 80% target on schedule, then changes must be made to the current registration process,” the Bukit Gasing lawmaker said.

Asked by FocusM on whether the Government should do away with the fine, Rajiv replied in the negative but stressed on the need to improve the appointment system.

On whether the task should be delegated to local clinics, both public and private, Rajiv said: “Yes, definitely but a central system is still needed to keep track on who has been inoculated.” – March 15, 2021.

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