Rajiv: Selangor’s cases have gone down, so let’s keep it that way

AS Selangor moves to Phase 2 of the COVID-19 National Recovery Plan (NRP), Bukit Gasing state assemblyman Rajiv Rishakaran hopes that the Government and Health Ministry (MOH) will do whatever it takes to avoid facing another lengthy lockdown in the future.

Starting in May 2021, it has been 121 days since Selangor went into its third movement control order (MCO), which makes it the longest lockdown period in the country and has proven to be devastating to the economy, the livelihood of the rakyat and their mental health.

With the number of COVID-19 cases dropping from a peak of 7,000 to the recent 2,000 cases daily, Rajiv also suggested for the Government to put in place three action items to ensure that the infection rate within the state remains at a downtrend.

Rajiv Rishakaran

As the first step, Rajiv advised the MOH to secure the order of COVID-19 booster shots or third doses of the vaccines, as many neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Singapore have already started.

“As we know, the delivery of vaccine supplies takes time from the time the order is placed. The MOH must ensure that we lock in our orders for the third dose early, so that the Government can lock in the time frames for taking delivery,” he explained.

Rajiv also mentioned that the MOH should immediately allow the private sector to start administering the third dose to those willing to pay for it once the supplies arrive.

Following that, the Government should continue its efforts of testing and isolating the people in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

“A highly efficient testing and isolating strategy is required so that we don’t U-Turn back to phase 1.

“Vaccination decreases hospitalisation rates but even that effect seems to be waning off. Therefore, the MOH needs to buck up its testing capacity throughout the country, not just in Selangor,” he added.

Additionally, the MOH also needs to be prepared to increase hospital capacity in the event of a case spike.

“Equipment, medicine, medical personnel and volunteers should be on standby to ensure we can set up enough makeshift hospitals on short notice to take in cases that require hospitalization in case of a sudden surge of cases. Having the capacity to scale up when required will avoid going into lockdown again and again,” Rajiv opined.

Finally, Rajiv urged the MOH to expand its testing capacity, have available makeshift hospitals and allow all general practitioners (GPs) to administer booster shots.

“We have a second chance at this now that cases have dropped significantly, let us not waste it and cry when it is too late.” – Sept 10, 2021

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