Ramanan urges gov’t to prioritise upskilling all races at Bumiputera Congress

THE government should focus on building talent in all races to compete globally as human capital is the biggest asset of any country, Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Deputy Minister Datuk R Ramanan said.

He added that Malaysia should not lag behind other countries in vying for such talent.

“We need to raise the best talent in the country without discrimination and place them in the frontlines so we can compete globally,” he said during a Madani discussion session titled “Unity Aspirations Strengthen the Bumiputera Agenda” on the first day of the Bumiputera Economic Congress 2024 yesterday (Feb 29).

He said that the Bumiputera Empowerment Agenda needed to consider other races, some of whom are left behind economically and in education and needed government attention and assistance.

He cited the problem of urban poverty among Indians that seemed to be the main challenge for their progress in the country following the break up of estate plantations in the 1960s that left them vulnerable and abandoned.

“They had no work and nowhere to stay. They migrated to cities and in the process, added to the urban poor as they lacked the skills necessary for working there.

“The situation was exacerbated by the flood of foreign workers, especially Indonesians and Bangladeshis – in the country, that has become the choice for employers of 3D – dirty, difficult and dangerous – jobs,” he further added.

The presentation of findings from various engagement sessions are part of the three-day congress 2024 that began today at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. – March 1, 2024


Main photo credit: The Star

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