Ramasamy’s crowd funding drive hits one-third way mark in less than 48 hours

FORMER DAP stalwart Prof Ramasamy Palanisamy is touched to the core that all his struggle for less wealthy Malaysians all these while has not gone in vain.

The academician-turned politician is very grateful that that support for his “Solidarity with Prof Ramasamy” fund-raising campaign is gaining momentum with RM454,781.78 collected as of 11am today after having amassed RM104,719.96 at the end of the first 24 hours yesterday (Nov 3).

“The response is very enthusiastic among both Indians and non-Indians … at such rate, we can expect to hit RM500,00 in few hours,” the elated former Penang chief minister II told FocusM.

“The general attitude among the donors is that I’ve raised not my personal issues but those that are pertinent to non-Malays and non-Muslims or in other words, societal matters. Given this, there is a strong feeling that my effort in settling the court imposed penalty should be assisted.”

For context, Ramasamy who was the former three-term Perai MP has been ordered by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Thursday (Nov 2) to pay controversial Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik for defamatory remarks with full settlement within 30 days (from Nov 2 lest a 5% daily interest will be imposed).

Notwithstanding Ramasamy’s appeal and seeking a stay order, the RM1.52 mil must be prepared in order to avoid interest being charged.

This has thus prompted non-governmental organisation (NGO) Malaysian Tamilar Kural to initiate a crowdfunding exercise with an update provided by 11am daily.

“In the case of Prof Rama succeeding in the appeal, all the money donated will be channelled to the general public, especially for education and welfare purposes,” the NGO had pointed out.

“Any excess donation beyond RM1.52 mi will also be channelled to welfare and education purposes. With this, we hope the general public will support and stand with Prof Ramasamy who has been a voice for the voiceless Malaysians for many years.” – Nov 4, 2023

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