Rare but true: Defiant fans of Catholic football club show solidarity with Palestine

SCOTTISH premiership club – Celtic FC – have been handed a £15,200 (RM89,000) fine by UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) after its fans defied orders not to display flags and banners relating to the on-going Israel-Hamas conflict.

Members of supporters group – the Green Brigade – handed out hundreds of flags prior to the Champions League fixture against Atletico Madrid in Glasgow on Oct 25, openly defying an appeal from their club.

Celtic supporters also unfurled two large banners at Celtic Park that read “Free Palestine” and “Victory to the Resistance”.

Many netizens have showed their appreciation for the Green Brigade’s show of solidarity with Palestine.


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Netizen redtea._.1917 stated: “Celtic fans always stand for what is right” while some netizens queried the hypocrisy of the ruling by comparing it to the recent display of Ukraine flags.

Netizen whynotbilal simply noted: “Ukraine flag is fine but Palestinian flag is NOT.”

Celtic FC supporters have a history of being penalised by UEFA for their support of Palestine. Fans flew Palestine flags before and during the game against Israeli side Hapoel Be’er Sheva in August 2016, leading to a fine of over £8,000 from Europe’s leading governing body.

While the actions of Celtic supporters, in particular the Green Brigade is to be applauded, there are pertinent questions that need to be raised in the local context.

If local Muslims expect people of different faiths to support what they deem as a just cause, will they do the same for others? Reverse the scenario above, would they support a cause regarding oppressed Catholics, for instance?

It is often said the world has turned a blind eye on the atrocities being committed in Palestine by the Israeli Defence Force. How often have you heard locals commenting on other conflicts or acts of barbarities inflicted on innocent civilians outside of Palestine (ie the Uyghur or Rohingya genocide to name just two examples)?

Ponder on that for a minute. – Nov 24, 2023

Main pic credit: Socialist Appeal

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