Reasons to invest in a property in Kajang and Semenyih

BEING close to some of the best satay joints in town is not a pertinent reason on its own but it is certainly a bonus for those looking to buy property in the Kajang and Semenyih locales.

Good food aside, the area has been steadily growing over the years as satellite towns with the potential to emulate success stories such as Puchong and Setia Alam.

These are some of the pertinent reasons for property investors to consider:

Away from congestion

Being further away from busy urban centres is no longer seen as a negative as home buyers look to escape the over-crowded suburbs near city centres.

A slower pace of life is also seen to be a plus with time for other leisure activities instead of time wasted stuck in traffic jams or looking for parking space in the latest trendy shopping mall.


Price will always be a key factor, especially for first time home buyers. With the economy still recovering from the pandemic, many home buyers are wary of over-committing.

Instead, many are looking to areas such as Kajang and Semenyih which offers sizeable homes at affordable prices. Investors on the lookout for the next hot location have also been attracted by the potential of both Kajang and Semenyih.

Nature attractions

The number of people flocking to public parks and hiking trails is testament to a new found enthusiasm for the great outdoors, especially after strict lockdowns.

This outdoor lifestyle cuts across age and gender boundaries and many property buyers are looking for convenient access to nature’s amenities.

Semenyih, in particular, has been attracting a lot of attention from this group of buyers as the popular Broga Hill is in its vicinity.

With picturesque nature trails and picnic areas, it is steadily attracting large number of weekenders to enjoy the fresh air. Broga Hill is also hugely popular among hikers and anglers.

Thus, imagine living in a development that is nestled right next to Broga Hill, allowing residents to fully enjoy a lifestyle immersed in nature on a daily basis.

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