Reckless BMW driver causes fatal accident with fast & furious antic

SOMETIMES the mind boggles at the levels of recklessness and idiocy that some motorists display on the road. The consequences can be fatal as was a recent incident on the MEX Expressway that was captured on another vehicle’s dashboard camera.

The video purportedly shot on Sunday (Oct 22) shows a blue BMW being driven at extremely high speed and attempting to overtake a MPV via the shoulder lane.

Alas, the manoeuvre did not end well as the BMW then collided onto a vehicle on the middle lane causing it to crash into the divider. The BMW turned turtle from the collision.

It has since been reported that one person died on the scene while another is in critical condition in hospital.

As the video clearly shows, it was such an unnecessary stunt. The BMW driver could very well have flashed the headlamps to get the other vehicle to move aside from the fast lane instead of attempting the dangerous manoeuvre.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the BMW driver died on the spot while his passenger and a couple in the Honda CR-V suffered minor injuries and were sent to hospital.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director Ahmad Mukhlis Mukhtar said the case has been handed over to the police for investigation.

Netizens have been swift in condemning the BMW driver for causing such a serious accident.

Among those who commented was user @Mizi2020, “Pity … the person (was) not at fault.”

@zaini mat saad added: “Looks like he tried to overtake but failed in his attempt. Pity that someone else has become victims.”

When will people learn – as the old public advisory ad cautioned – “Jalanraya bukannya tempat berlumba-lumba (The roads are not a racetrack)?” – Oct 26, 2023

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