Regulations for vape industry is crucial, asserts ACATA

FOLLOWING reports that nicotine may be exempt from the Poisons Act, the Advanced Centre for Addiction Treatment Advocacy (ACATA) today urged the government to introduce regulations for the vape industry in order to reduce smoking rates in Malaysia.

The exemption of nicotine from the Poisons Act must be followed immediately with regulations of all vape products, according to ACATA president Dr Arifin Fii.

“In the interest of time, ACATA recommends amending current tobacco regulations to include vaping,” he pointed out. “This move will ensure vape products are subjected to stringent controls, not only to protect the safety of users but most importantly, to ensure vaping is only accessible to adults.”

Dr Arifin Fii

Dr Arifin further noted that there is substantial and credible evidence to support that vape products are much less harmful than smoking in terms of regulating vape. Evidence also suggests that vaping efficiently helps smokers quit.

Therefore, vape regulations must also include harm reduction strategies and considerations. Evidence on risks and benefits, too, must be studied, according to Dr Arifin.

Moreover, educating people at risk namely smokers about vaping is important as they are those who will benefit the most from it. Most important is that they are receiving correct, accurate and evidence-based information. 

“ACATA believes that it is important for all stakeholders to work together to develop an appropriate regulatory approach that provides consumers who might otherwise continue to smoke, the accessibility and confidence to use the less harmful products,” he added.  — March 31, 2023

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