Report lodged against man who put up RM5 mil bounty to eliminate Anwar

PKR Deputy Youth chief Muhammad Kamil Abdul Munim confirmed today that a police report was lodged against a man who made death threats against Prime Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in a post on social media.

The report was filed at the Putrajaya Police Headquarters at 1.43pm.

“Earlier, the wing representative went to the Putrajaya District Police Headquarters to file a police report regarding a TikTok video where the user ‘jaiadani89’ issued threats against the PM, offering a reward of RM5 mil to anyone who can assassinate the PM.

“There were many threatening comments that not only jeopardised the safety of the prime minister but also touched on sensitive issues related to race and religion,” he said.

The user removed the video after complaining that many followers were ‘angry’ about his post.

Some X users responded that the party should have a special unit to tackle this problem with the number of online threats made against the PM and his ministers lately.

Netizen @DanialAHFMD writing to the party @KEADILAN:

Meanwhile, user @umbrab3llator said:

(Many are hot-headed like this. The police have a lot of experience with people like this. Just pick them up and bring them to the station for a while. Let’s see what they do to teach them how to be civilised citizens. It doesn’t matter who becomes the PM; the police don’t care. But if they’re busy making threats, that’s a different story.) – Nov 26, 2023

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