Reputation matters in the construction industry

THE domestic construction industry is unfortunately blighted by numerous cases of abandoned developments.

Fly-by-night developers absconding with buyers’ hard-earned monies and leaving them saddled with mortgages but no property to speak of is commonplace.

It is a problem successive administrations have yet to properly address, which affects consumer confidence.

Late last year, the Housing and Local Government Ministry reported that there were 655 housing projects categorised as delayed, sick and abandoned, with a Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM79.03 bil as of Sept 30 last year.

Hence many developers go to great lengths to cultivate an image of stability and prosperity. A popular move by developers keen to boost their profile is to win relevant brand awards.

For instance, HCK Capital took part in the Malaysia Developer Awards 2023 and confounded expectations by finishing fifth in the overall standings.

Having won such an award boosts investor credentials to no end, especially for a relatively young construction company such as HCK going up against far more established industry players.

In the same award, HCK was ranked second in stability and first in the sustainability categories. It also made the top ten list for categories comprising net profit growth, creative digitalisation and placemaking ingenuity.

News of such achievements places a positive gloss on the developer’s reputation, further enhancing its standing in the eyes of property investors.

It certainly helps dispel any doubts property buyers may have of a newcomer such as HCK, as the awards emphasise its serious ambitions to grow into a high-profile developer with much larger projects in the near future.

For more information on HCK, visit – Feb 13, 2024

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