“Review landslide risk on hillside projects in Pahang!” Bentong MP urges

BENTONG MP Young Syefura Othman has demanded that all projects involving hillslopes in Pahang be reviewed right away for landslide risk.

“Realising the occurrence of this tragedy, I urge the Pahang state government to immediately review every project that operates on hill slopes and has the risk of landslide. 

“Safety measures need to be emphasised and prioritised, especially now that our country is facing the monsoon season. 

“Therefore, relevant agencies and departments must conduct an inspection at each project site located on hillslopes,” Malaysiakini reported Young Syefura as saying. 

According to Young Syefura, this is to prevent landslides that may cause casualties, as seen in yesterday’s (Dec 16) Batang Kali tragedy.

The landslide that occurred yesterday at Father’s Organic Farm caused the deaths of 21 individuals. 12 individuals are still missing, and the search and rescue effort is still ongoing.

Besides that, at the scene of the horrific landslide, 94 victims have already been identified. 7 of those who were rescued were injured and 54 were found safe.

As a result, all campsites and recreational areas in Batang Kali were ordered to be closed.

Moreover, all camping areas adjacent to rivers and high-risk areas, such as hillsides and waterfalls, had been shuttered by the forestry departments of Johor and Pahang until further notice.

On the lookout 

Meanwhile, Young Syefura also urged all operators of vacation spots in high-risk regions to be vigilant and keep an eye out for indications of soil movement, such as cracks in the ground.

“Immediately report to the authorities if there are traces of cracks in the area. The same goes for other high-risk areas such as riverbanks and coastal areas,” she added.

Furthermore, Young Syefura also called on the Public Works Department to repair the roads in Batang Kali affected by the landslide as it is frequently used by locals who work in Genting.

Young Syefura also pointed out if this road is closed for a long period of time, it will make it difficult for the locals to commute to work. The proposed alternative route is quite far and takes time, as well as costs more. They (commuters) will have to pay tolls and incur greater fuel expenses. – Dec 17, 2022


Main photo credit: Malaysiakini

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