Rewarding high achievers

RECOGNISING and rewarding high achievers has always been central to HCK Capital Group’s (HCK) philosophy.

This was certainly apparent at its “A Partnership of Achievers” Gala Night as an Ambience Suite from HCK’s edusentral development was raffled off as a Grand Prize.

“A Partnership of Achievers” is a combination of HCK’s annual dinner as well as a gathering of real estate agents who are members of the Titanium Roundtable programme. The Ambience Suite was a reward for high performing agents who were entitled to a special lucky draw.

The Grand Prize was eventually won by Sim Ewe Jin from Revoll Real Estate Agency. The young man was beside himself and was ecstatic his hard work the last year has brought him an additional bonus worth RM250,000.

Not to be left out were HCK staff who hit their KPIs and high sales performers who were rewarded with car bonus incentives worth between RM30,000 and RM50,000.

Long-serving and individual performers within each of HCK’s divisions were also presented with awards while scores of angpows were distributed via a lucky draw.

“The annual dinner is a great way for HCK to thank all stakeholders for playing an important part in helping us navigate the many challenges posed by the pandemic,” said HCK Capital Group Managing Director (Operations and Oversights) Datuk Dennis Ling.

“The many rewards, incentives and awards are meant to spur everyone to achieve even greater things as embark on an exciting year with a host of new developments.”

A roadmap outlining HCK’s future developments was shared with the assembled guests, which included members of the banking fraternity and, of course, real estate professionals.

The roadmap clearly signalled HCK’s intentions for 2023 as it pushes forward with a host of themed developments, which include the Hiijauan Broga and eDamansara developments.

The former will be part of HCK’s “Green Cities” while the latter will be part of its “Smart Cities” series, continuing with its themed developments that give potential investors a tangible and recognisable identity for each.

HCK Group Executive Director (Growth and Alliances) Datuk Joseph Hii, was keen to highlight the upcoming projects as a means to keep real estate agents updated.

“Tonight’s event is a celebration of high performing real estate agents and the Titanium Roundtable programme is designed to incentivise, monetise, recognise and reward their outstanding efforts,” he explained.

“The roadmap will assure our real estate partners that there are many more quality HCK products in the pipeline. It will definitely help them plan their sales and marketing strategies accordingly.”

The event also recognised the high performing members who have climbed through the tiers of the Titanium Roundtable programme, with special mention to Khor Tze Hong and Wong Hui Bin who both managed to ascend two tiers with stellar sales numbers.

The gathered real estate agents and agencies were honoured in a number of categories, including:

  • Deal of the Year (HCK Capital Group) – NexsGen Realty
  • Deal of the year (edusentral) – Revoll Realty
  • Deal of the Year (edusphere) – Golden Atlas Properties
  • Deal of the Year (edumetro) – NexsGen Realty

Rising Star of the Year awards were also presented to ActFast Property Group and Strategy Winner for making a significant impact on the marketplace with HCK products.

The event also presented an opportunity to announce that HCK had moved into a brand new corporate HQ in the form of the iconic HCK Tower in Damansara Perdana.

A new tagline underpinning HCK’s business approach “Done. Differently. Definitely.” – was also unveiled.

“The new tagline emphasises that we are not run-of-the-mill yet firmly rooted in values which reflect our ethical standards, our trustworthiness and, above all, our reliability,” said HCK Group Managing Director (Property Division) Foong Peng Yew.

“This is just the beginning of HCK’s journey and we are hoping many more will join us in a partnership of achievers.”

For more information on HCK developments, visit – Feb 10, 2023

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