Road to hell is paved with good intentions, Zaid tells PM

WHILE the Government may not have any ill-intention in proclaiming the Emergency, a former minister said that many past leaders of various nations have always had “good intentions” before wreaking havoc on their people and country.

“Our Prime Minister had said that he has no ill-intention in using the Emergency to administer Malaysia. I believe that too.

“In fact, most head of governments in various nations rarely take any action with so-called ill intention (except Pol Pot an Adolf Hitler).

“I also believe former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had no ill-intention in establishing the 1Malaysia Development Fund (1MDB) and SRC International.

“Just that he mistakenly trusted people like Jho Low, Nik Faisal, staffers at AmBank and others who failed in their duties and cost Malaysia billions of ringgit,” he mocked, in a Facebook post.

Two days ago, Astro Awani reported Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin telling business leaders that he had no hidden agenda in proclaiming the Emergency, adding it was purely to contain COVID-19.

“It helps us get support from the private sector; in getting their assets such as land, building or even request to use other resources to treat COVID-19 patients,” the Pagoh MP was reported saying.

Zaid, a former Law Minister, reminded Muhyiddin that when someone decides on something, one must not only consider its intention but also the after-effects of the decision made.

Citing the late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as an example, Zaid said that the former also had no -ill intention when he seized land owned by the white community in the country.

After-effects also important

“He just wanted the Black community in his country to enjoy the nation’s wealth as well but look what happened. Investors fled the country and Zimbabwe’s economy collapsed.

“That’s what happened to former Soviet Union President Josef Stalin. He had no ill-intention when his agriculture policy starved millions to death. He just forced farmers to sell their yields to a ‘Government cooperative’ and not the open market.

“As a result, corruption and abuse of power soared as most agricultural produce were sent to Moscow to feed the military. The Ukrainians and others just starved to death,” the former Kota Bharu MP added.

Explaining himself, Zaid said that he has no hidden agenda too in criticising the Emergency proclamation, adding history had shown that nothing comes out well when a nation is administered without checks and balances.

“The country will be ruined and democracy will end. Without everyone’s participation, COVID-19 will wreak havoc, with corruption and abuse of power becoming the order of the day,” he warned. -April 17, 2021.

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