RPK continues to sing tune favouring unity gov’t by concurring with Agong, gives thumbs down for PN

ONE wonders if there is a fall-out between fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) and the opposition pact as he is seemingly going on the offensive against Perikatan Nasional (PN) by exposing the latter’s weaknesses.

After he blatantly whacked Bersatu over the weekend by comparing the fate of UMNO splinter party, Semangat 46, with the former, the mercenary blogger has suddenly sided with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) by echoing His Majesty’s message that “it is not justifiable to change the government for the sake of changing just because the law or the constitution allows it”.

“The Agong is already fed-up with the so many attempts to topple the government of the day via the Dubai Move, London Move, Chow Kit Move and various other sub-Moves,” berated RPK in his latest video clip.

“There were already three changes of government in the aftermath of GE14 (14th General Election) and if another change were to happen as planned in December last year, the lifespan of the unity government (13 months) will be even shorter than the previous administrations of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.”

Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK)

“If we don’t understand the Agong’s message, then something is wrong … one reason for the Dubai Move to fail is that the Agong didn’t consent or wasn’t happy with the move to change the government.”

RPK went on to use the analogy of an old car which rampantly goes in and out of the workshop till it spent more time in the workshop than on the road to describe PN’s incessant push for a change in government.

“If that’s the case, then we ought to change our car … But then again, if we only change to another old car which regularly breaks down, then we must ask the question why we are changing our car for another dysfunctional car” pointed out the self-exiled blogger from his Manchester, UK residence.

“If the current government is not working out and is potentially worse than the previous government, then there is justification to change the current government for a better government so that the country can improve.

“But currently, the Agong doesn’t see that happening … Even if the opposition claimed that the current government is weak, handicapped and full of flaws, the Agong doesn’t see that the alternative offered by the opposition is any better … PN simply has to prove that they can be a more viable alternative.”

Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah (left) will be officially succeeded by Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar tomorrow (Jan 31)

RPK further expressed “extreme disappointment” over the Budget 2024 tabling whereby the opposition “didn’t do their homework and failed to come out with an alternative budget which is far better than that of the Madani government’s budget to prove to the Malay rulers and people that PN indeed has better ideas and substance”.

“They are only seemingly good at condemning others but don’t you underestimate the Malay rulers for they are university graduates who know how to think and know what they are doing … in fact, they are far more intelligent than many of our politicians,” chided the Malaysia Today news portal editor.

“Moreover, the Agong didn’t make his decision unilaterally but discussed (at least) thrice with his brethren rulers over the past five years (on matters pertaining to change of government) … and the decision was arrived at unanimously.”

Added RPK who himself has ties with the Selangor royalty: “So don’t unduly blame the failure to change the government on the Agong for he will not consider party interest but that of the nation as his top priority.

“Remember that the incoming Agong who is the Johor ruler is even a tougher Sultan and will not tolerate all the nonsense (of gutter politics) … the gist is to allow the unity government to administer for one full term.” – Jan 30, 2024

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