RPK downplays Anwar’s UNGA presence for “Malaysia is no better off than the countries that he condemns”

UNLESS Malaysia resolves all its internal woes first to perfection, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has no right “to fly to the US to deliver a speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and teach others how to run their countries”.

On top of that, fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) has further hit out that for the past one year since the unity government took over the helm of the country, Malaysia has become worse than the past.

“Before Anwar became the PM, Malaysia had more freedom compared to now in which it has gone backwards,” the pro-Perikatan Nasional (PN) mercenary blogger pointed out in a 20:23 video clip entitled “The Wastage of Anwar Ibrahim’s entourage to America” which is accessible on YouTube.

“Therefore, it (the unity government) has no moral right to condemn other countries which it alleges as not respecting freedom, democracy or civil liberty because we ourselves are just another third world mentality country.”

Elaborating further, RPK said western countries have wanted Malaysia to respect the rule of law but Malaysia doesn’t do so “as it only respects rule by law”.

“Western countries are concerned with actions taken against leaders of the opposition parties … there is no freedom of speech, opinion, assembly, association and media in Malaysia,” claimed RPK who is believed to be residing in Manchester, UK.

“As it is, Malaysia doesn’t respect freedom and rights … there is no civil liberty and democracy in Malaysia as social media access has been blocked (as in the case of MalaysiaToday which is owned by RPK himself), many TikTok accounts were shut down or actions have been taken against Facebook account owners for voicing anti-government opinions … in short, social media in Malaysia is highly and heavily censored.”

“So, for Anwar to stand before the UNGA to condemn other countries (for violations of human rights and civil liberty) will trigger questions in the mind of those who listen to him if Malaysia is truly an angel … Anwar should look at himself on the mirror first given he’s not a democrat but autocrat.”

Earlier, RPK has downplayed the claims of Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil who sang praises of Anwar’s US trip as being successful as “merely a Pakatan Harapan (PH) propaganda”.

Instead, he highlighted Anwar’s message which condemned unequivocally (i) the Russian invasion of Ukraine, (ii) the Israel for construction of illegal settlements on Palestinian land, (iii) expressing concern over the dire humanitarian situation in Afghanistan as well as (iv) “being deeply horrified by the continued violence and instability in Myanmar”.

“Interestingly, Anwar only tended to bring up stale or century-old issues that cannot be resolved … Anwar can show his concerns but there are many more current global issues which he overlooked,” observed RPK.

“By raising only the four old issues, the impression painted is this is just a popularity contest as if Malaysia has a stance but without offering any solution. Moreover, Anwar also forgot that while he touched on issues affecting the four hotspots, he forgot to address domestic issues in Malaysia which western nations are equally concerned about.

“In essence, Anwar has brought disgrace not only for himself but the country … before we teach others how to administer their countries, we should look at our own country first if we’re better off than the countries we condemned,” justified RPK. – Sept 25, 2023

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