RPK’s drastic weight loss sparks online chatter over fugitive blogger’s health

IS Malaysia’s most famous mercenary blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) facing health issues? His drastic weight loss as seen in his recent videos have sparked speculations and concerns among some of his fans/followers.

In his recent videos, RPK’s cheeks have sunken considerably from about two months ago, while the veins around his neck and throat areas have become more pronounced.

This is unlikely the consequence of fasting during the recent holy month of Ramadan or even dieting or a slimming routine.

The 73-year-old who fled Malaysia in 2008 following to evade police arrest after two arrest warrants were issued against him for failing to show up for court proceedings over allegedly defamatory articles posted on his blog was also seen coughing considerably more in his videos.

Some have pointed out that RPK who now resides in Manchester, UK and is often seen sporting a bandana, cap or a fedora in his video postings on the YouTube channel, now occasionally wear thick clothing and scarves, purportedly to conceal his weight loss.

Reacting to RPK’s latest video posting entitled “Najib Razak: Mangsa atau Pemangsa?” (literally “Najib Razak: Victim or Predator”), YouTuber @darkrose9229 wondered if everything was fine with RPK while an observant @mnadzriaghani noted that RPK’s “nose has dropped a little”.

Elsewhere, @MadAriff007 and @KapalTerapong also spotted a decline in RPK’s health.

Fellow YouTuber @hasmalizahassan55 who noted that RPK “doesn’t look well” sought divine blessing for his health to improve while @aqayzm608 who felt that RPK has lost considerable weight would continue to remain healthy.

Two ‘female fans’ @zurina9512 and @mariayunan3031 also expressed concern over RPK who has seemingly aged in recent times yet is currently residing a far distance away from his homeland. However, they were both consoled by @yusrizayusof7099 who contended that “his wife and all his children are there while his late mother was originally from there, too”.

While RPK has not responded to any comments from his viewers about his sudden change in appearance, others have pointed out that he had taken an unusually long break between April 9 and 16 whereby he did not post any videos. The blogger is known to diligently post videos almost daily or on alternate days.

Coincidentally, FocusM covered RPK’s last video clip on April 9 before he took a break whereby the PAS-slant blogger urged non-Muslim citizens to accept Malaysia as an Islamic – as opposed to a secular – state to ensure that peace prevails in the country.

The one-time political activist with links to the Selangor royalty was previously a staunch supporter of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim when the latter was in the opposition. Recall that RPK had spearheaded the Free Anwar Campaign (FAC) when Anwar was detained without trial following his sacking as Deputy Prime Minister.

But the two had a falling out over the years. Before fleeing the country, purportedly over “safety concerns”, RPK had also been a fierce government critic.

His Malaysia Today blog founded in 2004 continues to be widely followed, especially his video postings although some have questioned if he is a political mercenary and to a large extent, “an incurable habitual liar”. – April 23, 2024

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