Salary is no longer king when it comes to work happiness but 4 other considerations

THE mentality that salary is the top driver of work happiness may still apply to the Gen Y/X employees but this may no longer be relevant to their millennial and Gen Z counterparts.

This comes about as work-life balance has out-ranked salary as the top driver for happiness at work among Asia-Pacific (APAC) employees today, according to a new business survey by PERSOLKELLY, one of the region’s leading HR solutions companies.

Ironically, the findings revealed that only 36% of respondents acknowledged that well-paid jobs lead to happiness at work.

The recent survey highlights that APAC employees place a higher priority on four other factors: (i) good work-life balance (42%); (ii) a safe and healthy environment (40%); (iii) good connection with co-workers (39%); and (iv) ability to provide family with better living conditions and lifestyle (38%).

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Therefore, PERSOLKELLY urged companies to prioritise the following key factors to enhance job fulfilment and retention by:

  • Offering flexible work arrangements for a better work-life balance;
  • Maintaining policies that enforce safe and supportive work environment;
  • Introducing programmes or events that foster strong interpersonal connections among employees;
  • Providing competitive compensation and financial wellness programmes.

“Regular feedback, measurement of progress, recognition and leadership support are also crucial elements in creating a happier and more engaged workforce,” stressed PERSOLKELLY which is one of Asia’s largest recruitment firms.

Below are some key market findings:

  • 98% of respondents in Malaysia agree that work life happiness is important.
  • Top five factors that affect their work life happiness is: (i) The ability to provide family with better living conditions and lifestyle (48%); (ii) A good work life balance (47%); (iii) A safe and healthy environment (42%); (iv) Feeling of good connection with co-workers (39%); and (v) A job that helps a person to achieve his/her purpose or dream in life (34%).
  • The top reason why respondents seek satisfaction at work is because they believe that it helps in increasing productivity and job performance (42%).
  • 40% of Malaysians acknowledge that each individual is responsible for his/her own happiness at work.
  • Therefore, 69% of them will take the initiative to reach out to their managers at work to let them know what motivates them at work. However, over one-in-four of them find that there’s no changes or action taken even after the discussion.
  • 81% of Malaysians believe that their job plays a significant role in improving the lives of the society.
  • 70% of Malaysians feel that they are not limited by job choices. – Nov 15, 2023

Main pic credit: Proven Recruiting

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