‘Sarawak First’ slogan is not to break the state away to become a country

SARAWAK Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg clarified that the “Sarawak First” slogan embraced by the ruling GPS does not imply a desire for the state to secede from the Malaysian federation and become an independent nation.He said there was no question of secession, as Sarawak had agreed to and signed the Malaysia Agreement back in 1963 to form a federation.“The slogan means we take care of our house first,” he said at a town hall session organised in conjunction with his seventh year in office first as the chief minister and then the premier of Sarawak last night (Jan 13).“It is not that easy to become an independent country. What we really need is a strong united Malaysia,” he said, adding that if Sarawak is strong, Malaysia naturally will be strong.

Meanwhile, Abang Johari who goes by the moniker Abang Jo, has also hinted at another “strategic entity” that Sarawak is going to acquire this year.He told the media that he is of the opinion that this takeover could assist businesses and entrepreneurs in the state.However, he noted that he can only reveal the details within this month, adding that it is one of the three major entities that Sarawak is going to take over this year.“I have given you the hints – there are three things that we are going to take over in 2024.“Firstly, we will finalise the Bintulu Port takeover in June, the second one will be announced within this month, and the third is MAS Wings. Then we will have the whole system,” he stated after the Amanat Perdana programme at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). – Jan 14, 2023

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