“Sarawakians mustn’t let GPS or Abang Jo dictate who is their choice PM candidate”

MALAYSIA that we see today is not the Malaysia that our founding fathers wished for. They may have long gone but their ideas and wishes would remain documented and found in the national archives and in the public domain.

Today Malaysia is not united, the civil service and judiciary independence is lost, and the country is divided by politicians with personal agendas using ethnic and religious lines.

It has been our hope that both Sabah and Sarawak leaders bring Malaysia back on the right track. Unfortunately, their leaders were no different from the many politicians in the Semenanjung (Peninsular Malaysia).

They remain self-serving using divisive agendas. The argument that the state interest comes first is a ruse.

Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan

The image of a formidable front put up by Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) chairman Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg by threatening leading parties in the last few years to get things done is wrong.

Blaming people in West Malaysia for poor development is wrong when the state is full of corrupt leaders. Isn’t the Sarawak Governor and Chief Minister’s richness evident enough that their political leaders stole from the people?

“Dissolving GPS”

Sarawakians must decide and act against their own leaders before aiming their guns at the Federal Government and the people in West Malaysia.

They need to ask whether Abang Jo (moniker for the Sarawak Premier) remains relevant today in the context of building Malaysia. He had unilaterally chosen to disrespect the religious plurality in Sarawak by associating itself with extremist political parties.

In West Malaysia, the people are equally alarmed if this political party plays the racial and religious card governing the country but are helpless because it has been rooted deeply and systematically.

We need to rebuild Malaysia. East Malaysian citizens and leaders should be able to contest in Semenanjung and be the Prime Minister (PM). Until we start to think as one and break the boundaries between us this will not happen. Therefore, the starting point is about having the right agenda, ie a unified Malaysia.

At this juncture, Malaysia has a right-minded political party and leadership that can make a difference. Sarawak GPS members must not give too much power to Abang Jo.

Only by dissolving the GPS coalition, the anti-hopping law can be neutralised and Sarawak MPs can speak their mind and decide to their best conscience on who they want to support as PM.

Take back the power and not leave it to the mercy of a minority leader to decide. Take back the power given to the Agong by Abang Jo to decide what is best for the country.

Our constitution does not give Agong the privilege to act on behalf of the MPs. He is the King and should remain neutral in ensuring the formation of a government.

Giving him the power will disrupt the power of democracy. You, the individual Sarawak MPs must decide on the future of Malaysia. Sarawak MPs must play their individual role in strengthening Malaysia.

Don’t leave it to the racial and religious bigots. Help us to bring back our plural and balanced mindset of respecting one’s faith and ethnicity. We must develop a meaningful Bangsa Malaysia.

Let us work together to rebuild this fractured nation – Nov 23, 2022


Dr. Mohamed Rafick Khan is a retired Army medical doctor and corporate figure in Islamic finance.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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