Saudee to create new line of frozen meats, processed food for North Asian

WITH Wuhan originating the virus and China being the epicentre at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, imported packaged food and processed food products have been the highlight in the past 12 months.

This is as increased hygiene concerns coupled with general uncertainty have forced consumers to look at imported food products instead of local manufacturers who in turn were affected by prolonged lockdown periods.

Moving forward, packaged food consumption in China is expected to regain growth in 2021, with busier lifestyles in place to improve the economy due to slowdown in 2020.

With the idea of capturing not only the halal food markets in greater China but to also cater for the standard palate and culture of the North Asian style, Saudee Group Bhd has inked a further agreement with Top Standard Corporation (TSC) – a listed Hong Kong company – to collaborate and develop a new product suite to cater for North Asian tastebuds.

To-recap, Saudee has signed a distribution agreement with TSC on March 9 to supply frozen meats and products to the Chinese markets.

TSC has an exemplary track record in fine-tuning cuisine towards the tastes for the Chinese, Hong Kong and North Asian markets.

The company will work closely with Saudee Group which has a full halal certification to undertake research and development to derive an entire new product line to cater for the China palate.

Recognising that local flavours and recipes differ greatly from country to country and culture to culture, Saudee Group intends to create an entire new line of frozen meats, processed food and other processed products for an enormous market under its halal certification.

Saudee expects to work immediately with TSC on identifying key market segments in halal frozen meats and halal processed foods to create a new line of ready to eat meals, which is of high quality and reflective of the target audience’s taste.

The China food market with about 25 million Muslims represents a multi trillion-dollar economy, which will see Saudee’s direction moving towards international level. – March 12, 2021


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