School bids emotional farewell to much-loved security guard

NOW here’s a feel-good video clip that’s worth sharing. The clip that has since gone viral shows students and staff of SK Bandar Baru Putera, Ipoh bidding a very fond adieu to a security guard.

The genuine out-pouring of affection towards the guard known as Uncle Kittu has touched many a netizen heart with plenty stating that the man must have been outstanding at his job for the school to organise a farewell bash for him.

Teachers and staff at the school also received a lot of praises for showing their gratitude for a person who must have been very dedicated to his job.

Parents of pupils at the school further confirm that Uncle Kittu was not only diligent at his job but treated their children like his own while showing great care and affection, hence his immense popularity.

Netizens also surmised that Uncle Kittu must have been a very genuine character to have elicited so much love from the students.

At a time when so many – from scholars studying abroad to right-wing netizens – are trying their very best to create schisms by highlighting differences among Malaysians, this video is a wonderful example of racial harmony.

Some netizens pointed out that this is how a multi-cultural society should be.

The video is a microcosm of what this country can be without the poisonous invective of certain politicians and their cybertroopers.

Let’s hope there are more videos like this to highlight the beauty that is multi-cultural Malaysia. – Dec 5, 2023

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