School girl writes letter to PM on her school’s toilet condition

THE Madani programme which strives to improve the quality of school restrooms is one of the most praised achievements of the government for some. It appears the Budget 2024 also has an allocation related to the school toilets.

During his presentation of the Supply Bill 2024 in parliament on Oct 13, Prime Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim unveiled a comprehensive plan aimed at enhancing school infrastructure, emphasising a targeted initiative to renovate and maintain restroom facilities in a total of 8,354 schools by the end of the year.Highlighting the necessity to rectify the deplorable conditions of school restrooms, he emphasised, “It is unacceptable that we allow children to go through school years with broken basic facilities and dilapidated toilets.”In conjunction with this, the government will also commit RM150 mil to local government offices across the nation to maintain and refurbish public toilets, thus further addressing essential facilities.However, not all schools enjoy this privilege just yet. Some schools are still having issues with their restrooms.

A school girl asked the PM to help her school which did not get the new toilets.

Furthermore, the girl wrote a heartfelt letter to the PM stating that the facilities in her school are old and worn. There is a lack of restrooms for the students in her school as well.Twitter user @mddaqil stated:

(I think someone from the office should conduct regular spot checks at all schools and follow up from time to time to ensure that all schools are given sufficient attention in terms of school cleanliness and other matters. Because some managements only act when there are spot checks.)

In addition to this, several users are calling for an audit of the schools that have not renovated their toilets yet.

(Actually, it’s a good thing too, to catch mistakes and wastage. If done correctly, we can identify the problematic areas in fulfilling the responsibility of the public funds. 😊 Please audit every school.) – Oct 14, 2023

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