That school kid doesn’t know personal contact details highlights alarming lack of life skills

A PUBLIC service announcement (PSA) video urging parents to ensure young school children know their personal contact details has gone viral.

This was after a school kid had been left behind by his transporter post-event at a mosque in Rawang. A kind-hearted FoodPanda rider had noticed the young boy walking in the hot sun carrying his heavy school bag and asked where he was headed. It was then found out that the boy was attempting to walk home to Gombak.

Alarmingly, the boy did not know pertinent details such as emergency contacts, his address or even the name of his school!

The PSA video urged parents to have their children memorise these details and have them inscribed in their personal belongings in case of emergencies.

Luckily for the boy in the story, the food panda rider along with help from other concerned Malaysians, was able to track down the mother using social media platforms.

Other netizens shared their similar experiences, including a security guard working in a school, noting such cases were not rare.

Quite a few netizens expressed surprise that a standard six-year-old pupil did know such essential personal information, with some surmising he may be a special needs child.

Others were non-plussed at the carelessness of the transporter in leaving behind precious cargo.

Of course, many netizens applauded the food panda rider for his act of kindness and for taking the trouble to help the lost child.

There are a few things that this incident highlights.

Firstly, parents need to be mindful, more so if it is a child with special needs. This obviously includes having the essential contact details available in cases of emergencies. Hence the many posts reminding parents to include ‘address and telephone details inside school bags’ suggestions.

Secondly, transporters need to be more mindful when ferrying kids. A basic head count is a must.

Last but not least, parents do need to inculcate some basic life skills in their children. Knowing the essential contact details would be a good start.

Given the recent Zayn Rayyan murder case, one would have thought parents would be on high alert. Luckily for this boy, a good Samaritan helped him get home safely. – Jan 21, 2023


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