SEEK no longer, the search to excel in real estate knowledge ends here

ASPIRING individuals will still be able to professionally advance themselves and diversify their investments during these hard times through S.E.E.K., a collaborative effort between SEGi University & Colleges and Smart Asset Marketing (SAM).

The initiative, which stands for status, education, exclusivity and knowledge, offer business professionals the opportunity to upgrade and upskill themselves, especially for property investors and individuals with a passion in the real estate business.

S.E.E.K. features a six-programme course of property-related educational subjects under Real Estate Affirmative Learning (REAL) that are certified by both SEGi and World Accreditation Ltd.

The six programmes are:

  • Executive Programme in Property Sales and Marketing
  • Executive Programme in Real Estate Investments
  • Professional Diploma in Real Estate Branding & Digital Marketing
  • Executive Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Executive Bachelor in Real Estate Investment
  • Executive MBA in Estate Management

Since the courses are conducted online to accommodate one’s working lifestyle, the courses tend to span from three to nine months, depending on the selected programme.

By participating in S.E.E.K., individuals will not only gain the edge of knowledge and insights regarding real estate, they will also be an exclusive member of SAM’s investment club, where they are able to enjoy property purchase incentives and other education rebates. – Feb 19, 2021

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