SEGi College to open new campus in edumetro

THE announcement of SEGi College’s forthcoming campus at edumetro has sparked enthusiasm among property investors.

The mixed-integrated development, nestled in the heart of the upscale and established neighbourhood of USJ1, Subang Jaya, marks another milestone in HCK Capital Group’s (HCK) esteemed education cities series.

Each of these ventures is distinguished by an educational anchor and SEGi College will play that pivotal role within edumetro.

Below are some of the benefits of this strategy:

Constant footfall

SEGi College will ensure there is a steady flow of young and trendy individuals into edumetro. This trend is evidenced by the bustling retail outlets in the education hub of SS15 Subang Jaya.

University students are known for their considerable spending power in such areas. Investors eyeing the retail units, some of which will be equipped for food and beverage services, stand to benefit from this demographic.

Sustainable model

Prospective property buyers seeking lifestyle suite at edumetro will appreciate the continuous influx of students, which will bolster rental demand.

The lifestyle units within the development will feature dual key entrances, enhancing privacy and enabling seamless co-sharing arrangements.

With a student population ensuring consistent demand, this investment promises long-term sustainability.

Lively atmosphere

The presence of a large student population within the development ensures that edumetro thrives with energy right from the start.

This proactive approach helps prevent the development from succumbing to the ‘ghost town’ syndrome often seen in many developments, where tenants are slow to occupy spaces.

It is essential to recognise that a bustling atmosphere significantly enhances the appeal of any development. Nothing deters investors more than the sight of vacant walkways and closed shops.

With thousands of students from SEGi College residing within the development, such a scenario is effectively prevented.

To discover more about edumetro, please visit – April 19, 2024

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