“Selipar lama tukar baru”: Netizens express disgust over slipper swap at MR DIY

OVER the years, MR DIY has forged a name for itself for being the country’s biggest home improvement retailer offering an array of wallet-friendly product, and with more than 1,000 branches across the country, it has certainly become the go-to destination for many Malaysians from all walks of life.

However, despite all going all out to offer convenience and affordability, the retailer seems to have recently fallen victim to irresponsible and unethical behavior from some of its customers, as revealed by a Twitter thread that had recently gone viral.

The post, shared by a user who goes by the Twitter handle @bilaavbiscutes, shed light on a disturbing incident where a customer was found to have swapped their worn-out slippers for new ones on the shelf.

Twitter user @WadieAzman claimed this was a rather regular occurrence while working with MR DIY as the shoes and slippers section is located towards the back of the store, making it easier for thieves to make their move.

User @GipsyAvenger317 remarked that he assumed slipper-swapping only took place at mosques due to the high number of mosque-goers attending prayers at the exact same time, but it has now occurred at MR DIY as well.

According to user @iberriesme, few individuals did the unimaginable by swapping bras at the store. She added that her friend realised something was wrong because the bra generated a strong odour despite the fact that the item had only recently arrived.

This is not a new issue, noted user @fffaizfarhan. He stated a similar situation occurred while he worked at Renoma Jaya Jusco, where consumers exchanged worn underwear for new ones.

Several other netizens went on to share that similar incidents happened elsewhere as well, with user @Reyza79R explaining that as a former employee at a shopping mall assigned to supervise the men’s underwear section, he used to encounter something similar.

“They had even removed the alarm tagging…they switched the new with the old, and the new ones went missing,” he claimed.

Similarly, user @ntiaazri shared:

(I used to work at a supermarket where I was supervising the shoe section. There were plenty of similar incidents, and in the end I was the one who had to pay for the stolen shoes!”) – May 15, 2023


Main pic credit: Twitter

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