“Seven days to retract claim or face legal action,” Tun M tells Anwar

FORMER prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has given Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim seven days to retract a claim that he had enriched himself and his family members while in power.

This is following Anwar’s speech at the PKR congress over the weekend where the prime minister had alluded to someone who “had been in power for 22 years and later an additional 22 months” using his position to enrich his family and himself.

Despite the prime minister not mentioning Dr Mahathir by name, the latter said Anwar’s claim portrayed him in a negative light.

“These are very terrible accusations and give the impression as if I have stolen money, misappropriated money, did not pay taxes, that I’m a scoundrel and so on,” Dr Mahathir said at a press conference in Putrajaya today.

“Clearly [Anwar’s] speech was referring to me and not anyone else because I was in power for 22 years and 22 months.

“That is why I have written to him to retract his statements or show proof to back his claims. If he does not answer within seven days, I will take whatever action is allowed by the law.”

Dr Mahathir further said Anwar’s claim is slander unless he can provide proof that he (Dr Mahathir) had received billions of ringgit and sent it abroad, and that he does not pay taxes.

“Now he is the prime minister and it is incumbent on him not to make accusations without proof,” he added.

According to Dr Mahathir’s lawyer Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali, a letter of demand has been sent to Anwar. – March 28, 2023

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