‘Sexy’ concert in PAS-ruled Kelantan gets netizens buzzing

HYPOCRISY. Plain and simple. This what many netizens are saying about a video circulating online about a recent concert held in Bachok, Kelantan.

As most will be aware, PAS has been campaigning heavily to ban all forms of concerts, especially by foreign artistes.

The Islamist party certainly milked the recent Coldplay concert for what it’s worth, citing the controversy involving The 1975 at the KL Good Vibes Festival as proof that such gigs promote ‘amoral’ and ‘hedonistic’ lifestyles.

MPs from the ultra-conservative party have also called for the banning of the ‘Stars on Fire’ concert featuring Bollywood stars on Dec 1, stating it is inappropriate given the on-going Israel-Hamas conflict.

However, it appears that such decrees and protests somehow do not apply in PAS stronghold, Kelantan, if a video making the rounds on social media is to be believed. It shows a sexily-attired female performer putting on a spirited performance for a crowd, said to be in Bachok.

Some netizens have explained that Bachok is home to a large Siamese community and the concert was a closed-door event in a Buddhist temple.

That, however, did little to appease many netizens who are having a field day highlighting the double standards of PAS.

Commenting on the video uploaded on X (formerly Twitter), BorneoHornbill observed: “Its permitted if it’s in Kelantan … No issues … that’s what they like.”

Echoing the same sentiment was @kronirakyat who simply stated: “Yes. PAS is hypocrite. When concerts are held elsewhere, it is haram even if they know that Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religion country.”

However another user who appears to be a Bachok native, @Hock_Ann26 pleaded that the issue not be blown up to affect the Buddhist community in Kelantan who have been celebrating religious ceremonies with the inclusion of such concerts to add to the merry-making of such occasions for many a year.

While not denying PAS hypocrisy in the concert issue, another netizen said that the state leadership had always shown great understanding and tolerance in allowing these celebrations, stating: “Please don’t make this an issue that affects the Chinese Buddhist community from having closed door events that have been organised for years.”

Netizens had also tagged Bachok MP Mohd Syahir Che Sulaiman. No comment has been forthcoming at time of publication. – Nov 27, 2023

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