Shameful act of minister’s Vellfire tail-gating ambulance to escape massive jam in seven-vehicle accident aftermath

AN opposition-slant digital creator-cum-political activist has slammed the official vehicle of a Madani government minister for tail-gating an ambulance during what was described as “a six-hour long traffic jam” on the North South Expressway stretching from Simbang Pulai (in Perak) to Tapah following a fatal seven-vehicle accident involving three lorries and four cars.

The tail-gating incident of the minister’s black Toyota Vellfire went viral during the Saturday morning (Feb 3) accident involving three lorries and four cars in which drivers of two lorries/trailers – one laden with metal structures and the other with sugar – perished after they were pinned in their seats.

The accident site (Pic credit: PLUS)

“When other road users had to endure six hours of traffic jams from Tapah to Simpang Pulai, imagine the minister (or his driver) could just tail the ambulance,” lambasted former PAS Ampang candidate in the 2018 national polls Nurul Islam Mohamed Yusoff.

“For your information, tail-gating an ambulance is an offence under Section 42 of the Road Transport Act 1987 which can lead to imprisonment not exceeding five years and a fine not exceeding RM5,000.

Added Nurul Islam: I know the minister is busy but if you’re unable to make it to a programme or meeting, you could just cancel or ask someone else to replace you. If it is very important, just request for the PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) to send a police escort. Why then were you tail-gating the ambulance?”

The former PAS Youth election director further described as “embarrassing” the action of the minister who should have respected the law as well as showing a good attitude instead of endangering the lives of other road users.

“It’s not that I want to be proud of other countries but when there are similar cases of their ministers breaking the law, they will resign,” asserted Nurul Islam.

“But we’ve no clue who the minister is in our country. Imagine if the common people behave in that manner. Action must have already been taken against them. Wonder what makes our minister so immune from the law?”

He added: “But you should not really expect action to be taken against the minister for tail-gating the ambulance if DNAA (discharge not amounting to acquittal) can even be applied to (a major court case involving) 47 charges. Like what the Hulu Langat MP Sany Hamzan has said, ‘this is our government, hence we shall act the way we like it’.” – Feb 5, 2024

Main pic credit: VOCKET

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