Shift focus from Dubai Move to more pressing economic concerns, govt told

MCA has called for a truce between ruling and opposition parties to stop arguing over the Dubai Move instigated by the Community Communications Department (J-KOM) and instead focus on matters directly impacting Malaysian lives.

MCA secretary-general Datuk Chong Sin Woon said at a time when the people are grappling with more pressing economic issues, it would be “deeply disappointing” if these pressing issues are overshadowed by political squabbles and conspiracy theories.

“Both the federal and state governments should prioritise the effective implementation of their policies and action plans, particularly economic development programmes and initiatives to improve living conditions,” Chong remarked.

“As we enter the fourth day of the year 2024, the introduction of new taxes, tax increments, and price adjustments suggest an impending wave of price hikes.

“Therefore, the government’s top priority should be on vigilant market monitoring, strengthened law enforcement, and proactive measures to control and prevent high inflation.”

Chong said instead of engaging in unproductive finger-pointing and war of words that consume valuable time and resources, all political actors, at both the federal and state levels, should focus on constructive dialogues to address immediate challenges facing the nation.

Citing the Central Database Hub (PADU) system and its myriad loopholes and vulnerabilities as an example, he said matters such as these demand the immediate focus of all parties.

“Across the country, Malaysians from all walks of life share the similar New Year wishes: they yearn for political stability, economic prosperity, higher incomes, and reduced pressures,” Chong remarked.

“These aspirations warrant the undivided attention and unwavering efforts of both the government and the opposition.” – Jan 4, 2024


Main pic credit: The Star

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