Sign from heaven to let go of politics completely, spend your twilight years in the embrace of loved ones, Tun M

ALTHOUGH he has received his fair share of criticism – as much as praises – for his racist rants in recent times, netizens are quick to retreat from the battle lines when sickness/poor health hit one of the ‘warring factions’.

Following revelation of Proklamasi Melayu chief advocate Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad currently recuperating at the National Heart Institute (IJN) after being admitted on Tuesday (Aug 1) for infection, tributes and wishes of speedy recovery have poured in for the elderly statesman.

“No matter how u call us pendatang (migrants) or how you want to divide us, when come to this moment I wish nothing but Tun is happy and healthy,” reacted netizen Alex Tan to Dr Mahathir’s latest state of health.

Wishing him “get well soon”, netizen Leng Loh urged the former twice premier to take a well-deserved rest by letting “the younger generation follow up with the situation of country” while Zizie Yusof wanted the nonagenarian to stay out of politics forever. “You need to preserve your legacy,” reminded the netizen.

Netizen JS Tan has a slightly lengthier advice for Dr Mahathir:

“Relax, Tun M. May you be blessed with longevity and health. Don’t think too much. The country already has PMX to take care. This time is important for Tun to enjoy a contented life with your family and grandchildren.

“Do some travelling abroad. Play with your grandchildren. Do not interfere in the affairs of the state or any political party. Let those elected to manage the country’s affairs. Last but not least, please retire as our beloved statesman.”

Boey Sonny concurred: “You should let go of politics completely and spend more time with your family and grandchildren. Treasure as much as you live for the family. Leave country matters to others without any (of your) influence and have a good rest. You need not worry for the people know who to choose for their government.”

Netizen Thruchelvam Shalawat Kanmany is right in that the spirit of sportsmanship must prevail at the end of the day. “Get well soon, Tun. We might have a different opinion but there’s one thing for sure. We might not like what you say but as our elder, our respect towards you never budges an inch.”

On the hindsight, whether you like him or hate him, some netizens do miss the antics of the country’s longest serving premier of 22 years and 22 months in fanning his anti-multiracialism sentiment.

“No wonder there was no (social media) post from you for the past two days …. We the pendatang (migrants) truly missed Tun’s 3R (race, religion and royalty) posts. Remember to continue posting upon your recovery, OK?” mocked Phang Hc.

“Hope he doesn’t blame the pendatang Cina (Chinese migrants) for his infection,” teased Carolynn Lau.

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