Singaporean TikToker to Tun M: Don’t you dare undermine Singaporean Malays

IF ever there is a vote for who is the greatest rabble rouser in Malaysia, perhaps Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would win the grand prize. A netizen going by the moniker zsm commented on Tik Tok: “Dr Mahatir memang batu api” (Dr Mahathir is truly a rabble rouser).

To be fair to the twice former Malaysian premier, this should not be the way how the citizen of another country treat an elderly statesman nonagenarian; however, with his recent utterances that incensed even a Singaporean, Dr Mahathir received a severe tongue lashing from the Malay youth.

It is good that Dr Mahathir is no longer the prime minister (PM), otherwise, the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore would be severely strained once again.

What a shame!

Indirectly ostracising Dr Mahathir’s unbecoming behaviours despite his age, a TikToker going by the name Mozzy67 asked when the former Langkawi MP would go into ‘permanent’ retirement and stop playing on politics in Singapore for his personal agenda.

Mozzy67, who is probably in his 30s or one-third of Dr Mahathir’s age, spoke up on behalf of the Malay community in Singapore whom Dr Mahathir claimed “had lost their command of their mother tongue”.

Speaking in perfect Malay, Mozzy said that the national anthem in Singapore is in Malay. Referring to the present prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, Mozzy said “despite being a Chinese, Lee’s Malay is 10 times better than any Malaysian politicians” besides also having a good command of the English language, Mandarin and Tamil.

In just two days, the video has received over 5,200 ‘likes’ and at least 1,300 comments from other netizens. Although it was only uploaded last Friday (Oct 20), the video has prompted over 2,300 shares.

“Dr M, how long before you go into pension and stop meddling with Singaporean politics to achieve your personal agenda?” the TikToker asked. “Everyone already knows Dr M’s antics. Repent, Dr M, please!”

Deserving it!

It is not only locally that Dr Mahathir has been given the cold shoulder by Malaysians but even Singaporeans cannot stand him now. One wonders if he would next antagonise the Australians and the Americans.

Defending the Singaporean government, Mozzy said that there are mosques all over the republic to cater to the needs of the Muslims in Singapore. According to a post by oms, there are 40 mosques in a small country like Singapore.

It appears that Dr Mahathir has become a very lonely soul especially since many of his contemporaries or once strong supporters are no longer around. They have either chosen to retire from active politics or passed on. Even his own political party UMNO Baru which he created has abandoned him.

The lack of trust of the people towards Dr Mahathir has also caused him to lose the last general election in Langkawi in 2022. This was in stark contrast from the mandate given to him to become the seventh premier after Pakatan Harapan (PH) emerged victorious in May 19, 2018 14th General Election (GE14).

Dr Mahathir’s controversial character has ruffled too many feathers during his 22-year tenure as he fourth premier that even former Australian PM Paul Keating described him as a “recalcitrant”.

For many Malaysians, this was a word that added to their vocabulary after Keating used it to describe Dr Mahathir at the height of the strained relationship between Australia and Malaysia.

In the lead up to the 2018 national polls, most Malaysians had given him the mandate thinking that he had turned on a new leaf, only to find out that he betrayed their trust.

The grandson of an Indian Muslim immigrant from Kerala, India, Dr Mahathir is now the unofficial advisor to the four Perikatan Nasional (PN)-controlled states which has recently forged the “State Government 4 (SG4)” pact.

The choice of Dr Mahathir as advisor simply raises a lot of questions considering that the former advisor to Proton turned out a failure in bringing the country’s national car manufacturer to greater heights as opposed to neighbour Thailand’s aspirations of becoming “the automotive hub of Asia”.

Dr Mahathir has blamed his predecessor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datuk Seri Najib Razak for the total failure of Vision 2020 with Malaysia being more corrupt, disunited and polarised along race and religious lines at the end when compared to the beginning of Vision 2020 in 1991.

A number of his billion-ringgit projects in the past have also turned out to be a flop. Among them include the Perwaja Steel, Malaysia Airline System (MAS), and even his son’s shipping company had to be bailed out. His government’s policy appeared to have centred around “spend big, prop up the economy; if failed, bail out.”

Looking back, much of the economic growth in the 1980s and 1990s were unsustainable or largely contributed by mega projects that leveraged public funding. The moment the Asian Financial Crisis (AFC) hit in 1997/1998, the Malaysian economy went into the doldrums.

When will he turn on a new leaf, asked netizen Ani Massani who stated: “Setuju Sgt, maaf tumpang lalu Tun M ingat Malaikat Nungkal nangkil tengah tunggu.Allah swt kasi panjang umur supaya Insaf, taubat lah cepat.” (Tun M, an angel has turned up and is waiting. (But) may God grant him long life so that he will come to his senses and repent fast).

Whether the rabble rouser and the recalcitrant will become a better person, it is anyone’s guess. There are no prizes to it! – Oct 23, 2023

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