Siti Kasim dons saree for GE15 campaign after UKM’s dresscode directive on non-Muslims

BATU independent candidate Siti Kasim is in solidarity with the non-Muslim over Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) dresscode which had initially and only recently prohibited the use of Indian and Chinese traditional attire — the saree and cheongsam — has donned the saree as her official attire for her election campaign.

Siti Kasim, dressed in a blue and gold saree looked beautiful as she stood next to the banner of her election campaign. The banner pens, “Vote Siti Kasim For Change” adding on “Sokongan Anda Kekuatan Saya” “Your support My Strength”.

The activist who is also the founder of Gerak Independent that initiates the restoration power of the election representatives to the people has called out the university for its dresscode directive stating the institution of higher learning was actually dictating to the graduates and their parents on what they can wear on their convocation. 

Known for speaking out on issues of human rights and one who has for many years championed the rights of the orang asli, Siti Kasim in a video posting ranted stating, “I take offense on this. Especially when it comes to traditional clothes. This is really too much and the infiltration and monitoring of the university makes me angry.

“Who do you think you are, UKM? Politicians speak up, People we need to speak up and rise,” called Siti Kasim.

“Since when a saree and cheongsam cannot be worn for their own children’s graduation or the graduates themselves?” she questioned.

Several politicians from the Opposition coalition have raised the matter including that of deputy chief minister II of Penang Professor Ramasamy Palanisamy. 

Meanwhile, Siti Kasim, a United Kingdom trained lawyer by profession  will be facing a seven-cornered fight in the Batu constituency in the 15th forthcoming general election. 

They are Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, Datuk Kohilan Pillay, Perikatan Nasional Ustaz Azhar Yahya, Pakatan Harapan’s, incumbent Batu MP, P. Prabakaran,  Warisan’s Nathan Pillai, Independent candidate and former Batu MP, Tian Chua and independent candidate Cleopetra. 

Siti Kasim in her election manifesto hopes to work on the promotion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Empowerment of Civil Liberties, champion the rights of marginalised communities, to work for the implementation of progressive education, and the unity of Malaysians. – Nov 2, 2022


Main photo credit: Siti Kasim Facebook 

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