Siti Kassim gives thumb-up for a Muslims-only water park?

INSTEAD of opposing the move of a water theme park restricting entry of non-Muslims to its pool facility by branding it racist, lawyer and social activists Siti Kasim has welcomed the move.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, the outspoken social critic justified that this would allow others to enjoy public facilities unfettered by what the conservative elements think.

After all, she contended that having a Muslim-only facility was great for those who wish to only mix with people of their own kind and more specifically, those who shared the same ideology of what is permissible and prohibited.

“Hence, this opens up other public spaces for Malaysians from all races and backgrounds to enjoy themselves without fear of recrimination,” she opined in her FB video.

For context, the video was in response to the Berangan Aqua Park in Kampung Kelang Makau, Kedah, that apparently has a Muslims-only policy.

However, a staff of the facility has claimed that while non-Muslims were welcome to visit, they could not use the pools as they were meant for the local populace who are predominantly Muslim.

Here is what some netizens had to say, many of whom agreeing with Siti’s sentiments.

Not everyone was in agreement with the idea of segregation though.

Some netizens wondered what would be segregated next?

Quite a few netizens highlighted the issue of hygiene when taking a dip fully clothed.

Of course, there are some who are distinctly uncomfortable with the sight of bare skin.

One netizen wondered what the new Agong will make of this issue given that a Johor-based launderette had been very publicly admonished for having a ‘Muslim patrons only policy’.

Some highlighted that such segregation was to create further schisms in an already fractured society.

Vast majority though seemed to think that for once segregation is a good idea for it enables each group to enjoy facilities in a way they are all comfortable with.

While the outspoken lawyer may think this is a great idea, one has to wonder if the reverse would be allowed, ie a water-theme park designated for non-Muslims only.

The uproar would surely be deafening or would it not? – Feb 5, 2024


Main pic credit: YouTube grab courtesy of The Vibes

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