Smart green homes, the future of property market

FLOODS, extreme heat and droughts are now increasingly common in Malaysia, a clear signal that climate change is very real in this once-fair land.

Like many developed countries, property developers here are beginning to offer green and smart homes in an effort to promote sustainable living. But what features are we looking for?

Efficient use of raw materials

Property construction requires tonnes of raw materials. Aside from escalating costs, more property developers are looking to use renewable materials in their designs.

An example of this is the use of bamboo in the appropriate areas such as the garden walls and front porch. Aside from being sturdy and eco-friendly, bamboo is also aesthetically pleasing. 

Energy saving designs

Air conditioning takes up a lot of electricity. Hence, better solar shading and the incorporation of an effective air flow system will certainly green things up.

Sustainable developments usually strike a good balance between allowing the entry of natural light and reducing heat generation from direct exposure. The clever use of overhangs and shades helps in this regard.

Water-saving features

One of the main goals of a green building is to control water usage while preserving water quality. It is now possible to use plumbing fixtures that use less water. Expanding from that, newer buildings may also incorporate plumbing that allows the irrigation of gardens and the flushing of toilets with recycled water. 

Efficient waste management

Property developments with sustainability in mind have good waste management to ensure that residents generate a minimal amount of waste which is often transferred to landfills.

To accomplish this, a waste reduction, recycling, and reuse approach is essential. Hence, during the early design stage of the development, preliminary planning is necessary for specialised space requirements.

For example, biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste must be separated on-site.

Therefore, plumbing and wastewater collection systems must be carefully designed and incorporated into the construction process.

For an example of a development that incorporates green and smart features, please go to: – Nov 11, 2023

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