Smelly food and stinky feet annoy fellow train passengers

MOST public transport operators go to great lengths to portray their rides as offering great comfort. But where does one draw the line when some commuters get too comfortable?

In a TikTok video uploaded by @teachercalvintan, a commuter is shown getting way too comfortable in a carriage on the Kelana Jaya LRT line.

Seemingly treating the carriage like his own personal den, the passenger can be seen openly defying the ‘no food and drinks’ rule while leaving a trail of mess.

He also occupied three seats with his belongings whilst to the horror of his fellow passengers, even removed his shoes to give his feet a spot of fresh air!

His lack of decorum has irked many netizens who have voiced their frustration at the antics of such commuters who are oblivious to common etiquette. The original poster labelled the offending commuter as ‘uncivilised’.

In the comments section, Rapid KL, the company operating the LRT system, extended their apologies to commuters for any inconvenience caused by such behaviour.

However, apologies alone are not enough. Many thousands rely on public transport and their commute should not be spoiled by individuals lacking in civic mindedness.

Some comments suggested the installation of CCTVs while Rapid KL asked passengers to report offending commuters allowing them to take swift action.

Perhaps until passengers learn proper train-riding etiquette, train operators will need to station special ‘rule enforcers’ on each train with the power to issue summonses. This will avoid other passengers having to take matters into their own hands as was the case with a food delivery rider who had to chase male passengers out of a female-only train carriage.

For the time being, shaming on social media sites seems to be the only avenue for disgruntled passengers.

Over to you, Rapid KL. – Oct 13, 2023

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