Snub political campaigns: They are all the same – whether BN or Pakatan

MANY people have asked me why I am pissed off with Pakatan Harapan (PH) in Selangor – and now even at the federal level.

The answer is that they are no different from Barisan Nasional (BN), Perikatan Nasional (PN), Gabungan Bersatu Sarawak (GBS) or which ever coalition they are with.

Some of them have been in power for too long – and we have seen how they behave – but personally for PH, I have often stood up to defend the goons so much so that they have taken my generosity for granted or expect me to defend them every time.

Many of them have been literally worshipped by their supporters to the extent that they think they are equivalent to demi-gods or gods in the kayangan (paradise).

I don’t need to elaborate but I will go straight to something which I woke up this morning with. It is time that we have an unspoken consensus to snub all the unworthy politicians.

They are the second or maybe the third class citizens, hence if anyone wants to go into politics, they better think twice whether they want to serve the rakyat first.

I have done enough of my diplomacy, and even went to the extent of chastising them in public for their misdeeds towards the rakyat.

How to snub politicians

“Chuck them out”. (Photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald)


Let us SNUB POLITICIANS – and I have to add, their BOOTLICKERS as well whether they are from the ruling or the opposition parties. It may take one generation to see this happening or it can be very fast depending on how the rakyat see my concept. How?

• Stop attending their ceramah (political talks): When they appeal for funds, give the money to the poor instead. If they have money to throw, take it but still cast our votes based on our conscience. As rakyat, voting is our obligation.

• Stop joining any demonstrations which are political in nature: Give the okay sign to each other and disperse quietly once you detect any sign of politicians using you for their own political cause.

• Stop attending court sessions to show your support to them.

• When forced to attend a function, if the VVIP is a corrupt politician, snub them with simple cold shoulders. If everyone has an unspoken agreement to snub, soon the bootlickers will get the messages.

• Stop clapping even when politicians say something to win your heart: Just snub them. Decide whether to vote for their party or support their opponents’ party.

Don’t feel guilty for your action. In both good and hard times, it is the rakyat who have to take care of themselves, leading to the slogan, “Kita Jaga Kita”.

Even the Sultan snubs them

When politicians do not even have the courtesy to reply to your letters or Whatsapp messages but instead block you, you just snub them when they need your support. Some of them do not understand basic courtesy or are not interested to solve your problems.

We do not need to throw them into rubbish bins like some more aggressive societies in Europe (based on a video clip I just saw).

Just snub them. Even the Sultan of Selangor recently snubbed politicians from both sides when he bought a painting depicting politicians behaving like apes and frogs in the august house. – Oct 4, 2022


Stephen Ng
Kuala Lumpur


The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


Main photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald 

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