Sole Perlis opposition state rep fears Jawi signage for biz becomes a reality sooner rather than later

DO not rule out the possibility of Jawi signage being made mandatory for businesses operating in Perlis in the near term.

Such is the view of PKR leader Gan Ay Ling who feels that the assurance by Perlis Menteri Besar Mohd Shukri Ramli that Jawi will not be made mandatory for business signage cannot be taken for granted.

“The municipal council could also make a unilateral decision on the matter,” the sole opposition assemblywoman in the Perlis state assembly was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini today (Oct 18).

“We’ve had one such experience before,” Gan hit out, referring to the council’s decision not to renew licenses for gambling outlets without discussing with the state executive council.

“So, from the way he (Shukri) talks, it may not be mandatory now but we sense that it’s in the pipeline,” reckoned the Indera Kayangan assemblywoman.

“I believe the state government is in the process of implementing the policy for all businesses. If they don’t have the intention, they wouldn’t bring up this matter out of the blue.”

Gan Ay Ling

Given the current economic challenges, Gan believes the state government should not be burdening the business further.

“I urged the PAS state government to prioritise the well-being of the people and address other pressing issues before focusing on business signboards,” Gan said, adding that she plans to raise the issue in the upcoming state legislative assembly session from Dec 12 to 14.

Gan’s statement came after Shukri’s statement on Monday (Oct 16) that the Perlis state government will not make adopting Jawi signage for businesses compulsory but those who fail to do so will be deemed “unfriendly” to the state government.

Shukri said there were no rules to compel businesses but his administration encouraged businesses to do so for new signage.

“I consider (business) premises that still do not adopt Jawi (in signage) as tidak mesra (unfriendly) to the state government,” he was reported as saying by Malaysiakini on Monday (Oct 16).

The Sanglang assemblyman said there was no need for businesses to replace their present signboards because of this policy. However, he urged those with old signboards and state or national flags to have them replaced.

“Next year is Visit Perlis Year. We have a collective responsibility to beautify our state and give tourists a good impression,” he added. – Oct 18, 2023



Main photo credit: ResearchGate

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