Some UMNO supporters feel there’s no point for the party to be in gov’t

UMNO supporters on the X platform are expressing the view that the party is wasting its time in government if it cannot get former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak completely freed from jail.This stemmed from the reduction of Najib’s sentencing. The Pardons Board, led by former King Sultan Abdullah, halved Najib’s 12-year sentence for corruption related to the 1MDB scandal.An X account by the username of @SelangorUmno shares a sentiment that is not entirely popular.

The user stated that UMNO is currently being stepped over by the government. Some of them feel that there was no benefit for the political party to join in the unity government as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the DAP benefited the most. This is, of course, according to their opinion.

However, other users told the UMNO supporters off citing that their party only has 30 seats in parliament.

With regards to that, they would need to act accordingly, as other parties have won more seats than them. Those who oppose this sentiment are saying that if UMNO worked together with Perikatan Nasional, they would barely receive scraps.

Following that, PH supporters state that if the political party wants to stay in the government and help make Malaysia a better place, they are invited to do so. If their main intention is to release a man in prison for the crimes he committed, then it’s best to “get lost”. – Feb 4, 2023

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